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Welcome To Solar imaging

Here you will find my journey into solar imaging, Solar imaging is not difficult it just requires patience and the correct equipmentand of course a sunny day!. The equipment is specially designed for observing and imaging the sun in hydrogen alpha and white light.
You must never look directly at the sun or use any form of telescope or binoculars that do not have the correct filtration. I use a specially designed solar telescope for my main solar HA work but I also use a solar herschel wedge for white light solar imaging, these are described in detail on the site please see the linksbelow.

I am also detecting solar flares released from the solar surface that are aimed at earth, To do this a simple (VLF) monitor is in operation from my home Very Low Frequency. When a flare has been released from the sun it takes approximatley 2 days to reach the earth and if the flare is large then my detector will pick this up. See link below to go to the page to see the detector.

Solar prominences are a fascinating phenomena of the sun to learn more about these see link below.

I also capture images
of the earth from the
Russian M-2 weather satellite
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